It’s often that we come to believe that because of our pains in life, we are not worthy of love. Love is knocking on our door in every moment. The door is locked with the conditions of society and our personal experiences. From my own personal experience, the heart holds the key to unlock the door, and suddenly we can see this love looking us dead in the eyes. This love is like nothing we have experienced, it doesn’t hold any ideal form and it’s loving us from the inside out. The deeper we look into the eyes of this love the more we begin to realize,  we are looking into our own eyes. This can be a surprisingly painful experience because our minds begin to question this love because it’s limitless and that is beyond the mind. Triggering ourselves to be in this state of confusion and witnessing the lack of self love we have for our shadows and wounds. It is nothing like the love we believe in and it will deeply move pieces inside ourselves that are necessary and challenging but serve a purpose that cannot be by passed.

So the door is open, we see a glimpse of this love, and are smacked in the face with the reality check and the question “how much do I truly love myself?” Again, as part of this human experience, we get so wrapped up in all these ideas, concepts and stories that we become blind.

“They say love is blind. I disagree. Infatuation is blind. Love is all-seeing and accepting.” -Unknown

More than ever before, humanity is disconnected and off balance. Modern society is connected deeply to the material world, perfectionism, idealism and overly sexualizing the body. Filling our minds and bodies with shame, guilt and frustrations. Leading us to continue to strive to fill our darkness with objects. All we want is to feel whole, accepted and loved. A feeling of completion that is hiding under thick layers of failure, rejections, patterns, labels and judgements. Through a Yogic practice we can start to take these layers off, but often we still make it a competition to bury the pain with masks. Buying into appearances with the best yoga clothes, striving for the perfect Asana, beating ourselves into uncomfortable and unstable lengths. The practice on the mat can be seen as a reflection of the microcosm and macrocosm. How much love do we bring to the mat? Are we seeking pleasure of a feel good workout or achievements?

The courage of living from your vulnerable heart is painful but you no longer deny your own existence and begin to walk in your own shoes with your purpose for this planet. Within my individuals perspective, I see humanity trying to connect and unite, we have so many outside tools, but fail to use the tools we were birthed with like our bodies, our mind and our heart. We are so disconnect from who we are, forgetting we are filled with love regardless of external situations.

Many of us on this Yogic journey can relate to these challenges along the way. Periods of time feeling disconnected and empty, which may have even brought us to the practice or the practice may have brought up these emotions. In our evolution today, we are seeing this darkness, the madness, and destruction surface around the world and within ourselves. Many of us may quickly jump to strive to be this light, positive and inspirational human but can lose ourselves in the process. This again can become an idealistic fabrication of who we think we have to be. Bringing old patterns and concepts into spirituality which isn’t any more beneficial for humanity. It’s important to not try to escape this reality of suffering, we must begin to learn to love ourselves there, because we are worthy of this universal love which begins in the Self.

With loving awareness,