Yoga For Beginners

A regular yoga practice builds strength, flexibility, balance & peace of mind.


More and more people are turning to yoga in their pursuit of health and wellness.  We believe yoga not only strengthens the body but it also strengthens the mind as it relieves stress.  Yoga creates an internal sense of peace and well-being that we desperately need in today’s world!

It can be difficult to step into your first yoga class, so we want to do all we can to make that first step an easy one.   New students are encouraged to contact Tami, at 305.850.8432 to ask questions or to even arrange a face-to-face meeting.  We can help you decide which class is right for you and also put your mind at ease about what you might expect from your first yoga class.

We believe that yoga is for EVERY body and everybody can do yoga!

If you’re ready to take the plunge, we do offer a number of classes that are suitable for beginners.  They are described briefly below and you can see a full schedule HERE.  If you are planning to drop in to take a class you do not need to register in advance.

Gentle Candlelight Yoga Class is a perfect place to start building strength, flexibility and balance.  These classes take place primarily on the floor in poses designed to gently move and stretch the body.  They also include some breath work and are suitable for all levels but geared towards beginners and students who wish to relax mind and body at the end of the day.

Restorative Yoga targets activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, our “rest and digest” functions.  We will do only a handful of poses in this one hour class, and the physical body will be fully supported in each.  The calming effect each of these postures signals the body to relax and promotes healthy function of our digestive track, immense system, and more.  This class is very gentle, and each post should be effortless once the body is adequately supported.  We use lots of props in this class!  Spending time in each posture is also an opportunity for some light meditation or  pranayama (breath work).

Hatha Basics is a well-rounded practice that includes a seated warm-up, standing poses, supported inversions, gentle heart openers, cooling seated postures and twists, and savasana.  Time is left at the end of this practice for breath work and for meditation.  You will have opportunities to challenge your strength and balance but also to modify and rest, this is an all-levels practice but especially good for anyone just getting started on their yoga journey.

Many new students prefer to take a private class or a series of private classes before joining a regular class.  Private sessions give you a strong foundation upon which to start building your practice, as well as an opportunity to learn how to move in and out of poses safely, and how to modify poses with respect to any injury or issue you are experiencing in your physical body.  Call Tami or email us at if you’d like more information about scheduling a private session.

If you are dropping in to a yoga class please bring cash or check and arrive ten minutes early – advance reservations are not required for our regular yoga classes.

You can click HERE if you’re ready to purchase a membership.

Key Largo Yoga is comprised of a team of well-trained, compassionate and experienced teachers.  Our desire to teach and share yoga stems from our love of the practice and our passion for what we do.  Our goal is that you walk away from your first yoga class feeling strong and confident, relaxed and peaceful, and excited about your next class!

We look forward to meeting you and practicing with you soon!