Did you know Key Largo Yoga offers private Reiki sessions?

Kat Wheatley is a Reiki Level II practitioner with several years experience and can tailor a Reiki session to meet your needs.  Our beloved yoga studio already hums with a powerful positive energy, so what better space to also experience the healing effects of Reiki.  Receiving Reiki energy does not require any knowledge or prior experience, just an open mind.  Reiki has been shown to reduce the adverse effects of stress, to be an effective pain management technique, and to promote a general sense of well-being.  To receive Reiki, simply arrive in comfortable clothes, share a little about your desired outcome of the experience, decide whether you want to be seated or reclined, and chose how you wish to have Reiki channeled to you.  A centering technique will help you relax and grow present so that you can set a clear intention for the healing energy you receive.  With a background in psychology as well as trauma-informed practices, Kat will insure you have a sense of safety and agency at all times.  For overall health a chakra cleansing session is suggested, otherwise Reiki can be focussed on any specific issue related to physical, mental and/or emotional health.  Anyone can receive and benefit from the healing power of Reiki.


Hello, my name is Nichole Garcia. I’ve always wanted to be many things growing up: marine biologist, teacher, ghost, one of Santa’s elves, the list goes on. Naturally, artist is what truly encapsulates who I am and what I do.

What led me to pursue energy work had been a seed my mother had unknowingly planted a lifetime ago when she would take me to mystic healers and brujas + brujos tied in with my love to support people in their lived experiences and my curiosity for all the unseen worlds / space + metaphysical. After living in NY and LA collectively for 8yrs I decided to go back to my roots and move back to Miami.

I burned myself out a thousand times over like so many of us do and I decided to carve out time to be able to live out my other callings. I had the opportunity to reduce my work hours and chose to pursue my training as a Reiki Master + 13 Octave LaHoChi Practitioner + current Medicine Way apprenticeship. I’ve studied under different teachers and integrate several approaches into my practice which continues to change and grow. I integrate energy and the healing modalities I’ve learned into each person’s needs connecting Reiki, quantum energy, shamanic tools, angel light, sound healing, intuition, and a bi-cultural approach based on my lineage as a Peruvian-Cuban-American.

I work with people who are looking to find deeper connection within themselves, relieve stress, reduce physical pain, release emotional pain, rebalance energetic + physical bodies, generally anyone who resonates with my services + offerings.

Experience: Reiki Practitioner + 13 Octave LaHoChi Practitioner + Shamanic (Medicine Way) Apprentice with Irma Star Spirit Turtle Woman

Private sessions start at $69