Why Go To Yoga?

One of our daughter’s family members asked: Why do your parents go to so many yoga classes when they have had over 40 years of practice? They know it so well, why don’t they just do it at home?

There are many reasons for class, its one of the best self-care avenues I know, as well as leads us into the community we desire to be in wherever we are.  We all need connection and yoga class guides us to a deeper level of connection.

Being in class, I am immediately relaxed, in touch with my breath and the present moment.  Breathing is the key to cultivating peace. You will find after a few months/years of yoga study, how valuable learning the yoga breath (I call Victory Breath) is.  You will find great stability in Life, especially during stressful times.  You have the ability to breathe through the fatigue, concerns, for, challenging situations, etc.  It give the mind something to do, witnessing the breath move through the body.  The breath becomes the mind’s single focus.

Being in class, I am guided, all of us breathing together moving through the poses, building energy together, feeling the alignment, and being in the present moment.  I feel so much pease, free from judgement, surrounding to the flow of energy, letting go of what does not serve me and building a keen sense of awareness.

I have been blessed by yoga so many times, it’s been such a gift. Where else can you go to receive this quality of self-care?  It will transform you in many ways.