More Than My Body…

“I have a body and I am more than my body. I have emotions and I am more than my emotions. I have a mind and I am more than my mind. I am a center of pure consciousness and energy.” 


I found this quote to be speaking a lot about what’s present in my life right now. Each one of us has our strengths and weaknesses which we were born with, as well as what was cultivated in our childhood. To come into balance, we are essentially embracing the weaknesses that we were born with or have inevitably created. In the act of embracing those weaknesses, we are surrendering our strength. You probably can guess how that makes us feel, weak, who wants to feel that?  This is a process of allowing us to feel, neither good or bad, just feel. We live in a world that is deeply conditioned by logic and the left hemisphere, not allowing us space to reconnected to our respective nature. For myself, my mind has over powered my world, while I was unaware of this, I casted many projections to the outside world. Thinking of things from the mindset of right and wrong. If we always want to be and do right, who is determining this mindset of what is right and wrong? How does one remove this misunderstanding of right and wrong? A highly determined mind can achieve anything desired. Without the balanced connection to the body and emotions of our own individual self, will the mind’s desires ever be fulfilled without the purpose of the connection to the heart?

This life as a human, is an act of balancing out our nature and the outside world.  It is always supporting this process even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. As some claim to be on a path toward enlightenment or just simply living; I recognize there is no difference. We all have that center within us; it connects to the purity of what the quote speaks of, consciousness. While our awareness cultivates around the mind, body and emotional dynamic, we become awakened to our weakness. This allows for us to reconnect to the whole of humanity as a creative force that can then create a balanced reality. Creating a world of more conscious actions and living intentionally on the planet. Of course, I have recognized within myself this process of integration, it may also contradict the view that “nothing is in control.”  Life consists of contradictions. It is a constant balancing between these contradictions. I’m finding that strategy is an incredible thing. It gives us a technique, an ability through seeing the mechanics, to navigate in the illusion of life with the tools offered. When we understand our motives we are in a position to make choices.  When we are unaware of our behavior we don’t have any choices and will keep behaving in the way we have been behaving. Becoming conscious is recognizing your power to choose. YES, I have this body. YES, I have these emotions. YES, I have this mind and when YES is embraced, we are using them as a tool to illuminate. To fully embrace the YES, we must reconnect back to our NO, to ingrate that past disconnection and balance our energy in receiving/giving. All of this talk can be seen as Karmic, which is not happening out of fear, it’s happening out of love, to support that deeper awakening of pain and separation this planet is facing on a personal and global level. So as a warrior for this Mother Earth we can invite in this untamed dynamic union between the body/mind/emotions and also let the silence within guide us with patience and trust.

Aum Shanti Shiva Shakti