Vin/Yin Blend

This “Yin-Yasa” practice is designed to bring balance to the two energies within the body – the feminine Yin and masculine Yang.  We’ll start with a quick warm up and then move into a level 1 vinyasa flow practice to heat the body.  For the second half of practice we will slow down and cool down, spending time in a handful different yin yoga postures to target the connective tissue of the hips, shoulders and spine.  This combined practice will help build strength and stamina, as well as flexibility.  We will close with alternate nostril breathing to further balance the Nadis (energy channels).  You’ll leave with a sense of harmony, lightness and ease that you can carry with you through the rest of your day.

Temperature: Warm, then Comfortable

Level: Intermediate

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Thursday Tennille Dinon 99198 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, Florida 33037
- - Tennille Dinon - at 99198 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, Florida 33037

My journey into yoga began in 1996, as a Freshman in college.  Hatha Yoga was the perfect baseline for me and exactly what I needed at the time. It taught me how to relax, strengthen and stretch my body. I resonated with the philosophy, alignment, and lineage of Hatha Yoga and pursued my first YTT in 1998.  After graduation, I backpacked and mountaineered around Central and South America teaching yoga as a means to continue traveling. Vinyasa was the next exploration of my yoga journey, it became a healing practice for me and a step into meditation. I pursued another YTT within that modality.  Settling down in 2001 on a small island off the coast of Panama I met a Kundalini guide who shared with me the teachings of Yogi Bujan and the technology of Kundalini. The depths of this practice had a profound effect on my emotional, energetic, mental, physical and spiritual body, SO QUICKLY! I indulged, studied and practiced allot.  Teaching and sharing the tools I use, that work for me, with others. Moving back to America in 2017, I felt compelled to continue sharing this work and I am excited for the ever-unfolding path to peace. SAT NAM