Slow Flow

Slow Flow classes  help you find the space, strength and stillness between poses while still retaining the rhythm of a flow yoga class and a connection to  breath with intention. Slow Flow classes have fewer transitions but longer sequences than Vinyasa yoga.  The basic components of a vinyasa class will be present – warm up, sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, back bends, forward folds, and a well-deserved Savasana but just at a slower pace.


This class is suitable for all flow practitioners!

Temperature: Comfortable
Level: All Levels

I was Born and Raised in Moscow, Russia. Moved To Unites States of America after Graduating From Law Academy with the Bachelor Degree in Constitutional Law of Russian Federation. Leaving behind all I had, all I earned, was working hard for, was so in love with; I started my Journey in a Land of unlimited possibilities and multiple choices...loosing ,finding and collecting myself all over again. Ended up in the Keys in 2016 and began practicing Yoga at Key Largo Studio with the help of owner of Mrs. Mac's Kitchen Angela Wittke, for whom I'm unconditionally grateful for. Yoga has always been a process of diving deep into already known but forgotten. It is homecoming experience. It is silent revolution. It is being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is calmness in a pick of the storm and It is bright lightening in the middle of sunny summer day. I recently graduated from Yoga Teacher Training at Key Largo Yoga in April 2022 and I'm a dedicated Vinyasa Yoga practitioner. One of my loves and inspiration for every day practice is rescued pet squirrel I care for. I currently teach Hatha Basics and proud to share and express the union in service to all with honor, love and compassion. Yoga is what our Humanity needs the most nowadays. If You want to Self transform, Self discover, experiment; If You want to get better and let go of something that does not serve you any longer and adapt to life's stressors with peace, ease and grace in your heart - JOIN ME ON A MAT. Reflect and express, learn and be your own teacher, shine through in the world. Impossible is possible.