Vinyasa 1 (North)

The word Vinyasa means the connection of breath to movement. Thus in Vinyasa yoga all movements are synchronized with the breath, creating a practice that is both dynamic and flowing. The asanas, or postures, are derived from the Ashtanga system. The difference between the two styles is that in Ashtanga yoga one performs the same asanas in the same sequence every time, while in Vinyasa yoga one has more freedom to improvise sequences of asanas. The basic components of a vinyasa class will be present – warm up, sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, back bends, forward folds, and a well-deserved savasana.

A Level 1 Vinyasa class assumes the practitioner has had some vinyasa experience, although it’s not required.  Poses will be basic as yoga students practice body and breath awareness; basic alignment of postures (placement of the body in standing seated and balancing poses); breathing and meditation techniques; and deep relaxation. The pace of this class is generally slower with mindful attention to the mind-body connection that we cultivate through alignment and breath. Expect to build strength, stamina and flexibility over time.

Temperature: Warm
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Wednesday 11:30 am 12:00 pm Katie Schweiss 991918 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, Florida 33037
Friday 11:30 am 12:30 pm Tracy Robinson 99198 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, Florida 33037
11:30 am - 12:00 pm - with Katie Schweiss - at 991918 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, Florida 33037
11:30 am - 12:30 pm - with Tracy Robinson - at 99198 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, Florida 33037

Katie Schweiss was born and raised in Key Largo and is proud to call this paradise her home. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2008 with a bachelors degree in English Literature and a minor in Education. Katie has been passionately practicing yoga since 2013. She is constantly inspired by the growth in strength, flexibility and determination that yoga brings to her on and off of the mat. Katie jumped at the opportunity to take a 200 hour yoga teacher training course with Kathy Shirley and graduated in May 2015. This training has been life changing for her and she is incredibly grateful for the knowledge she has gained and the friends she has made. Outside of yoga, Katie loves to enjoy the water, read, travel and laugh. She is excited to continue her journey with Key Largo Yoga and to continue to learn and grow!

Tracy has been practicing yoga for 7 years. After taking a Hot Yoga class in Virginia Beach one day she decided that she needed to share her love for yoga to the rest of the world. Shortly after she enrolled in teacher training through Yax Yoga Concepts and Yoga Alliance and never looked back! She received her 200hr certification in 2012. Yoga is not just the asana, it is also a way of life. As we are always students, Tracy believes that it is just as important to spend time on her mat as a student to continue on her path as a yogi, as she feels it makes her a stronger more educated instructor. She believes that yoga holds a unique power because everyone can do it, and everyone benefits from it..She believes our mats provide us a space to connect, be still, and heal so that we can live fully with presence and purpose.