Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that primarily concentrate on the connective tissues of the body (fascia, tendons, ligaments) as well as deep within the joints. Most postures are performed on the floor in a seated or reclined position that allow for deep stretching, often working towards opening the hips, shoulders and spine. Students are instructed to soften the muscles of the body in each pose so there’s no “work” but rather opportunity to move deeply and gently into the stretch.

Each pose is held for 3 to 5 minutes and occasionally longer. Bolsters, blocks, straps and other yoga props will be used to aid the student into each pose. Our yin yoga class focuses on meridians of the body while opening the hips and shoulders and quieting the mind. This form of yoga is suitable for all ages and levels, and although it appears to be very passive in nature it can be quite challenging as one finds the quiet stillness and appropriate depth of each pose. Yin yoga is highly recommended to help balance the more rigorous “yang” vinyasa or ashtanga practices.  Yin tissues (fascia, bones tendons, ligaments, joints) and yang tissues (muscle, blood, skin) respond differently while being exercised. Yang forms of yoga stimulate the muscles in the body, increases strength, and promote good physical health. Yin Yoga is necessary to balance one’s overall practice to keep the body from weakening and to prevent the susceptibility of injury to the joints. Yin lubricates and adds flexibility to joints.

After you experience the power of Yin Yoga, you will realize you need Yin to balance and complete your yoga practice.

Temperature: Comfortable

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

My journey into yoga began in 1996, as a Freshman in college.  Hatha Yoga was the perfect baseline for me and exactly what I needed at the time. It taught me how to relax, strengthen and stretch my body. I resonated with the philosophy, alignment, and lineage of Hatha Yoga and pursued my first YTT in 1998.  After graduation, I backpacked and mountaineered around Central and South America teaching yoga as a means to continue traveling. Vinyasa was the next exploration of my yoga journey, it became a healing practice for me and a step into meditation. I pursued another YTT within that modality.  Settling down in 2001 on a small island off the coast of Panama I met a Kundalini guide who shared with me the teachings of Yogi Bujan and the technology of Kundalini. The depths of this practice had a profound effect on my emotional, energetic, mental, physical and spiritual body, SO QUICKLY! I indulged, studied and practiced allot.  Teaching and sharing the tools I use, that work for me, with others. Moving back to America in 2017, I felt compelled to continue sharing this work and I am excited for the ever-unfolding path to peace. SAT NAM