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Jennifer Borr

Position:Yoga Teacher , RYT-200
Experience:Graduated KLY April 2023
I can’t specifically remember my first yoga class. Yoga was introduced to me mainly as a physical practice for the purpose of exercise. My practice was sporadic and surface level for many years. In 2014, I attended my first week-long, silent meditation retreat. It was a life-changing experience. Over the years, I continued to attend silent retreats and develop my own personal practice, but it was difficult without the support of a sangha. I continued my intermittent yoga practice, trying various studios, but few were able to bridge the connection between asana practice and spirituality that I was unknowingly, deeply seeking. After moving to Key Largo in 2019, in an attempt to meet new people, I began taking classes at Key Largo Yoga. Amongst the members of this beautiful community, I realized the full depth of “yoga” that existed here. My personal practice deepened with the support of our studio’s exquisite teachers. When I decided to enroll in teacher training, I only hoped to further deepen my own practice. Due to the solid dedication to my practice during YTT, I became more aligned- physically, mentally, and spiritually. The impact was undeniable and I was eager to share it with anyone who would listen! I realized quickly that becoming a teacher would allow me an opportunity to spread this practice further than just those closest to me. So here we are. As I step into teaching, my intention is to hold space for my students so that they may feel a sense of calm, focus, and peace during our one hour on the mat together.