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Jessica Casucci

Position:Yoga Teacher , RYT-200
Experience:Graduated 2015
Jessica was born on Jan 1 in The Bronx, New York and she was named after her mother’s favorite song. Since then, music and movement have been in her blood, and growing up she was always dancing around, playing with animals and climbing on things. Many, many years later... you can still find her dancing at any time of the day, playing with her three rescue pets and finding new physical and spiritual mountains to climb.  She found yoga at an early age when one of her gymnastic coaches started teaching their team new ways to stretch but never really had a consistent practice until she needed to rehab her shoulder after a Cross Fit injury in 2013.  From the moment she stepped into class she was hooked, first because of the physical aspects,  but then after experiencing that a yogic lifestyle and meditation only made her a better professional, friend, and sister and daughter, she created the first wellbeing program for the staff at her firm after getting certified as both a yoga instructor and integrative nutrition coach in 2015.  A practicing corporate lawyer for 20 years, she decided to radically change her life and relocate back to Florida in 2018 and then Key Largo in 2020; six years, four states, and three yoga certifications after that fateful day in 2013. She credits the pure joy and freedom she feels when practicing with getting her through the toughest times of her life and setting her on a course of healing emotionally, physically and spiritually, and leading her to complete additional studies in Trauma Informed Yoga specifically helping students with PTSD. Jessica teaches a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Restorative, Trauma - Informed and Buti Yoga. She found a home at Key Largo Yoga immediately thanks to Kathy and the team and can’t wait to expand the yoga community here in Key Largo.  When she isn’t teaching yoga or making playlists filled with deep house, 90’s hip hop and a bit of David Bowie for good measure,  she’s teaching English as a second language, scuba diving, working with charities that focus on helping survivors of domestic violence and PTSD, and volunteering with our local marine mammal rescue in Key Largo.