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Alisha Good

Position:Yoga Teacher
Experience:Certified RYT-200 March 15th, 2016
I began practicing yoga in high school. I used it as a way to cope with my own trauma growing up. While I was in graduate school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling I worked with at-risk adolescent girls as a counselor. I recognized very quickly that “talk" therapy was not enough to help these beautiful girls. A few months after I received my Masters Degree I was back in school (Hatha Yoga teacher training) obtaining my RYT-200. I immediately incorporated guided meditations, the 8 limbs of Yoga, and asana practice into therapy sessions. Yoga to me is about going inward to find unconditional love; unconditional love for ourselves. In order to send love out into the universe I must love myself first. Ultimately, to love is to recognize mysef in another. Because at the deepest level of being, I am striving to be ‘one’ with all that is.