Yoga For Trauma Survivors

Warriors for Healing is a training and certification program that offers yoga to service members and veterans suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). This class is based on that program and is free to veterans, first responders and to anyone who has experienced trauma and who is or has suffered from PTSD. This program is designed to help survivors of trauma reestablish a healthy mind/body connection. Breath practices and physical postures will help survivors manage stress and reduce dis-ease in the body.  This class will be a beginner level class, taught by a trained certified yoga instructor in a safe and confidential environment.  No reservations required.  Wear comfortable clothes, we have mats available at the studio, and family members are welcome to attend.

Temperature: Comfortable
Level: Beginner

“Being perfect is really hard, So just be yourself” -KRS My biggest fear going into Yoga was the modern perception of what is yoga. How would an overweight goofy guy fit in to a class filled with a bunch of really beautiful, really flexible women doing crazy things? But my first step into the door, I saw normal people. The