Slow Flow (North)

Laurel’s Slow Vinyasa Flow Class incorporates gentle sequencing at just the right pace to center and prepare you for the day. It will challenge your body in a variety of ways while you practice familiar postures. Breathing techniques and mindfulness are taught in basic sequences; perfect for releasing tension and creating overall well being. Although this class has a slow pace, your body will be challenged with balance, strength, and concentration. The class always ends with a few long resting poses, insuring peacefulness and a great start to your Sunday. This class is recommended for anyone wanting a methodically-paced class that still emphasizes the connections between breath and movement and for those new to flow-style (Vinyasa) yoga.

Laurel Weiss teaches Vinyasa flow as well as meditation at Key Largo Yoga. She completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training under Kathy Shirley and became certified with Yoga Alliance in December 2013. Laurel was first drawn to yoga after her skiing accident many years ago.

Laurel has a bachelors degree in Psychology, is a licensed cosmetologist, artist, musician, vegan chef, scuba diver, world traveler, bicycle enthusiast and eternal optimist!