More than half of Americans are living with one or more serious 

or chronic diseases, a majority of which could simple be prevented 

through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.Today’s children could 

be on track to be the first in U.S. history to live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents.







Over 80 million American’s are obese. If a child’s parents are overweight, that child’s likelihood of being overweight is increased by 60-80%. The chance of an obese child growing into an obese adult is about 70%. Children perceive the number one immediate issue of being overweight is social discrimination, as reported by overweight children. This has the ability to prevent them from exercising with other children, which leads to antisocial and depressive tendencies, as well as lifetime psychological effects. There are a number of serious health conditions that arise from obesity, especially when a person’s joints and arteries are being challenged at such a young age. Some of the main illnesses that become more likely to occur due to childhood obesity include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, gall bladder disease and asthma.






Adults and their children are eating more empty calories than ever before. Rather than healthy fruit and veggies and nutritious snacks, parents are choosing processed snacks with various forms of high fructose corn syrup.